Sophia Sat Sekhmet

  My Public Dedication to Sekhmet        

  I dedicated myself to the Egyptian Goddess
     Sekhmet when I found Sekhmet in early 1999 and had a public dedication ritual
      on Pompano beach in November 1999.  I love all things about Sekhmet.

I was the HPS for the Moon Path CUUPS midsummer ritual dedicated to Sekhmet that I
 facilitated each August from 2000 - 2007.(Untill I retired from Public Ritual)
  This is a ritual I developed from various paths with Her help.  I discovered
   that Ancient Egypt had a Goddess associated with each direction and I
    invite them to join us for this ritual.
     If you are interested you can take a look:  

 I started collecting various lions in the 70's and now have hundreds of them.
 They consists of stuffed, statues, pictures, sheets, towels, etc.  I had no
  idea why I was so attracted to them at the time I started collecting them but
   now I understand that this was Sekhmet calling to me.  Now, I also have various
    Sekhmet statues and pictures.  My dream is to go to Egypt and visit Her temple.


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